Thursday, March 15, 2012

sneaky scooting

Kitten baby is learning to crawl. He gets so frustrated about it. Of course, we giggle at his cuteness-while-frustrated, and we cheer him on.


My boys have been throwing more tantrums this week than most, I think because we've all had colds. I'm working on giving them extra loves and attention.

I admit it. At times it's hard to sacrifice my knitting moments, not less because I've ripped out and reworked the same eight inches on Kitten's cardigan at least five times. (It's an easy pattern, but I've made mistakes, misjudged my measurements, changed my mind about it's design, etc.)

Still, I cherish the cuddles with my ever-growing Kidoodle. How much longer will he sit on my lap and let me hug and kiss him? And with Kitten's crawling sneaking up on us, it's fun to slow down and pay attention to him. :)

4 pennies:

affectioknit said...


Have a lovely day!

Deanna said...

weston is the same way! They could be twins. He is maybe slightly more advanced in the crawling department. He can swivel in circles all over the place and he gets up on all fours and then nose dives forward. But those frustration faces are adorable. :)

Emily said...

So cute, Ammie. He's closer to crawling than Noah! Good for you for continuing to knit--I need to get back to crafting for my sanity. You're inspiring me!

Kathleen said...

Go Kitten go! Oddly, Jude is not so into crawling yet--I'm not too concerned, especially since S crawled so early and walked at 9 1/2 months.

We've also had a rough week with colds and needing extra hugging. Hope things turn around for the weekend.


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